Christmas Joy 2022: Calling All Gift Givers this Holiday Season

We need your help sending JOY from Massachusetts to Georgia, and back again!  We have four special families with a total of 15 children to deliver JOY to this Holiday season.  It will be nothing short of a Christmas miracle to fulfill these lists, but we know we can do it with your help!

Co-founder Denise McCarthy says it best;  “Christmas JOY is not so much a needs-based program, as it is a JOY-based mission!”  Christmas JOY aims to:

  1. Deliver JOY to the selected children/ families who have survived the death of one (or in some cases both) parent(s).  
  2. Alleviate some (or all) of the Holiday tasks (that seem so hard to do while grieving) for the surviving parent and/or guardian. 
  3. Create an opportunity for the community surrounding these families to get involved/ stay involved.  

So as you prepare for the Holiday season, please keep these five families grieving their loved one(s) in mind.  We made it as easy as Amazon P-rime!  Take a look at the stories below and choose a family.  Add something (or a few things) to your cart.  At checkout, choose to ship the presents directly to the family’s registry address and voila!!! you have become part of the mission to deliver JOY this Christmas!

Dylan, Addy and Bree

From left to right: Mike (dad), Dylan (age 10), Bree (age 5), Casey (mom) and Addy (age 8)

Dylan, Adalyn (“Addy”) & Breelyn’s (“Bree”) father, Mike passed away last fall after a long battle with brain cancer. Together, with their mother Casey, they are moving forward, cherishing forever his memory and carrying on a family-focused life.  Mike adored his family and cherished the time they spent together.  Some favorite memories were seeing their first rodeo in Tennessee, a road trip to Ocean City Maryland, visiting Disney World and fulfilling his dream trip to sunny California.  Dylan, Addy and Bree, as you may be able to tell from their wish lists, are all passionate about hockey.

View Dylan, Addy and Bree’s Christmas Lists:

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Jair, Jahaziel, Yaneth, Janelle and family

From left to right: Miranda (age 12), Janelle (age 9), Jair (age 16), Yaneth (age 11), Joel (age 12), Kaylee (age 8), Lindsey Banos, Jayden (age 8), Joel Banos, and Jahaziel (age 12)

Jair, Jahaziel, Yaneth and Janelle (9) lost their mom, Febe Santos in August 2021 in a house fire where she was unable to escape the basement, where she was quarantining from Covid-19 and one week later, their dad, Humberto Giron, passed away after battling Covid-19 in the hospital.

Following the tragic deaths of both parents and losing nearly everything in the fire, Humberto’s cousins, Joel and Lindsey Banos, who already had 4 children, welcomed Jair, Jahaziel, Yaneth, Janelle into their home making their family a very busy family of 10!   As you can imagine, joy comes in a lot of different shapes and sizes for these kids, from soccer to video games and Pokemon for the two boys to painting, wrestling and puzzles for the girls.

In addition to bringing JOY for the Giron children this Christmas, we would also like to include the four other children in the home, since JOY has no limits! There are two more boys: Joel and Jayden who love UGA and the Atlanta Braves and two more girls: Miranda and Kaylee who are the “girly girls” in the family but don’t let that little Kaylee fool you – she also loves being in the BoyScouts.

View the Banos/ Giron Family Christmas Lists:

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Amelia and Elliot

From left to right: Karen (mom), Joel (dad), Amelia (age 10) and Elliot (age 8)

Amelia and Elliot lost their father, Joel, earlier this year in a tragic accident. According to his family, Joel will always be remembered for his thoughtfulness, intelligence, humility and sense of humor. He loved Boston sports teams, Star Wars and craft beer. Elliot shares his father’s passion for Star Wars. Amelia loves arts & crafts, music and baking. Both children are incredibly passionate about and interested in animals.

View Amelia and Elliot’s Christmas Lists:

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Sarah, Ryan and Joelle

From left to right: Sarah (age 20), Abby (mom), Joelle (age 9). Fadi (dad) and Ryan (age 15)

Fadi died suddenly on October 13th leaving behind his three children; Sarah, Ryan and Joelle.   He was a loving husband and father who was so generous and kind to every single person he knew.  His kids carry the very best parts of him.  His 20 year old, Sarah, studies to be a clinical psychologist and is learning how to make pottery to cope. Ryan finds joy taking care of his health.  He spends his free time in the gym, reading books about strategies to be successful in life and spending time with his family.  And curious Joelle loves to create bracelets with clay beads.  She is into fashion and prides herself on the outfits she picks everyday.

View Sarah, Ryan and Joelle’s Christmas List:

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The Joy Mission is a trusted 501c3 on a mission to create moments of JOY for children who have survived the death of a parent to ensure they feel loved, seen and forever are seeking the rainbow after the storm. To give directly to The Joy Mission visit

Natalie Sorrells

Natalie Sorrells

Natalie is the Founder of the Joy Mission living in Atlanta.