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For joy tomorrow

The death of a parent has a painful, long-lasting impact on a child. We know we can’t take away the grief, but we can help them chase the rainbow after the storm.

Joy changes everything.

Your giving to the Joy Mission makes it possible for us to: 

Create Joy Moments

We create unique experiences called joy moments to celebrate our joy kids. While these are customized for each child, examples could be violin lessons, meeting their favorite musician, seeing a baseball game, going on a beach vacation, etc.

Cover Counseling Services

Surviving the trauma of losing a parent requires support, so the Joy Mission raises funds to provide ongoing counseling services not covered by insurance for our joy kids.

Partnering with Counseling Centers

Provide “play therapy” materials and coloring books for local counseling centers supporting our Joy Kids.

Building the Mission

Keep expanding our reach. (more kids, more states, college scholarships, more summer camps, you name it)!  The sky's the limit as we change the world, one child at a time.

Ways to Share Joy

Making a Difference
One Child at a Time

We are overwhelmed by the size of #thejoymission community. The ways our #joymissionwarriors are finding, sharing, and spreading joy is changing the world-- one child at a time! Thank you for every dollar given, every prayer prayed, and every thoughtful act done for our Joy Kids!