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For the cost of one cup of coffee each month, founding membership can be yours. The Joy Mission is more than just another fundraising organization; we’re an all-encompassing, deeply rooted community being built one partner at a time. And with membership at $5/month, we are offering a way that lowers the barrier to entry so anyone can join, and everyone can benefit.

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Join our community of monthly donors bringing joy to kids surviving the loss of a parent.

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Ways to Share Joy
Making a Difference
One Child at a Time

We are overwhelmed by the size of #thejoymission community. The ways our #joymissionwarriors are finding, sharing, and spreading joy is changing the world-- one child at a time! Thank you for every dollar given, every prayer prayed, and every thoughtful act done for our Joy Kids!

Intrested in Volunteering?

You can join us as a #joyvolunteer to create joy moments for joy kids, spread the word about Joy, or contribute using your gifts and talents to further our mission.